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Yet another vACC/ARTCC "HQ" Tool

Shrikar Galgali

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Shrikar Galgali

Hello to all ,


Few months ago , I wanted to learn PHP and MySQL and do something for the community as well. Back then I was Director - VATWA Division and we didn't have a centralized resource website or a member management tool . So I decided to make a simple VATWA HQ which would be simple yet attractive to indulge members in divisional activities.


Before I tell you anything more , I would like to re iterate the fact that the HQ is very basic. On a scale of 1 - 10 , its barely 3.

Some techniques and methods used may be very inefficient and depreciated. So I don't mind if you have a good laugh by looking at the amateur noobish code


The VATSIM West Asia HQ is based on Conventional PHP and MySQLi which uses VATSIM SSO for authentication. Templated by AdminLTE version 3. It can be used for Region , Division/ARTCC or vACC


The Pilot/ATC Resources links in the HQ hard coded with Google Drive Links ( I found it easier and less work to edit the links manually rather than making a separate database for it )


Features :

1. Event Management

1.1 RealOps Flight Bookings with Email Alert

1.2 Event gets displayed on Calander


2. ATC Application Management

2.1 Visitor/Resident Application Management with Email Alert

2.2 ATC Roster with vACC/FIR Authorisations

2.3 Adding/Deleting Solo Validations


3. ATC Training Session Management

3.1 Instructor - Student slot management with Email Alert

3.2 Student Training Notes feature to keep track of previous training sessions.


4. ATC Bookings

4.1 ATC Slot bookings connected to VATBOOK


5. Routes Database

4.1 Aeronautical Routes database with NOTAM Retrival and VATSIM Pre - File Option


6. Quarterly Reports

6.1 Semi Automatic Quarterly Reports in directly in PDF Format


7. Divisional News

Automatic News is generated when a new ATC Application is accepted or when an event is created or when a ATC member's authorisation are changed.


8. 3 Level Access

Level 0 : Master Admin

Level 1 : Training Admin

Level 2 : Events Admin


You will need a VATSIM SSO key. If you don't know what that is , refer the SSO Board : viewforum.php?f=134


Link for the Repository : https://github.com/ShrikarG/vatwahq


If you decide to use it , please let me know. I would be very happy to see my work being used by someone else

Please do not hesitate to contact me via my email : [email protected] for any reason. I would be more than happy to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist you.

Shrikar Galgali

Proud Member of VATWA Division

India vACC


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Martin Ongaro 1283974

Excellent tool Shrikar! Thank you so much

Director - VATSIM Argentina


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