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*vZBW Presents....the 7th Annual Boston Tea Party!!*

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(A portion of the graphic contributed by Quinn Savit)


7th Annual Boston Tea Party!


The Boston Tea Party is back again! Due to its popularity, this year's Tea Party will once again be combined with a day of Airport Poker. What is the Boston Tea Party? What is Airport Poker?


The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) says: The Boston Tea Party was one of the most effective pieces of political theater ever staged. John Adams, no fan of mob action, wrote of the dumping of the tea: "There is a dignity, a majesty, a sublimity, in this last effort of the patriots that I greatly admire."


Over 18 VATUSA Boston ARTCC virtual controllers and 10 or so guests from around the world will be getting together in person (just outside Boston) to staff the ARTCC on Saturday, July 15th from 2:00 PM EDT (1800z) to 8:00 PM EDT (0000z). We won't be dumping any tea, but we'll be running an exciting game of Airport Poker to dump prizes on the winners! This "admirable" gathering of controllers would make John Adams flip over in his grave. Pilots are guaranteed to have fun on what should be a very busy day in Boston!


Pilots who plan to fly in the Boston ARTCC airspace during the event are encouraged (not required) to use the VATUSA Online Reservation System (remember to use GMT, or Zulu, time to file). This will allow us to better plan our staffing and position [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignments prior to the event. On the day of the event you are encouraged to prefile using the VATSIM Pre-Filing System.


And that's not all! The Airport Poker winners will receive special prizes from the Boston ARTCC. Prizes and sponsors will be announced shortly! You can read the Airport Poker very shortly! Get ready for a fun day of flying with some of the best controllers on VATSIM!


Click here to view the previous tea party event pictures.


Also be sure to check out the Boston ARTCC website for additional information. Add-on scenery, event summary, poker rules, airport information, and many more items can be viewed there.


On behalf of the VATUSA Boston ARTCC, we look forward to seeing your target on our scopes!



Jason Herman

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Always reminds me of John Hall (United Virtual pilot) who flew in this event one year... He was overflying the harbour inbound to land.


"Boston Approach, UALXXXX...... Dropping tea...... Now......"

Andrew James Doubleday | Twitch Stream: Ground_Point_Niner

University of North Dakota | FAA Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) GraduateGPN_Horizontal_-_Tertiary.thumb.png.9d7edc4d985ab7ed1dc60b92a5dfa85c.png


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Jason, how much traffic do these normally have?


Last year, we had 236 arrival operations that participated in our game of "Airport Poker" and a few more arrivals that didn't participate. On top of that, about 100-150 departures. All in all, about 330-380 operations total. (Be advised these are approximate figures)


We are looking for even higher numbers this year! We will have most/all of our cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C fields open and a cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D field, so we hope that will encourage a lot of intra-ZBW operations as well as flights originating from other locations.


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It’s finally upon us: the week of the Tea Party ‘06.


We have finished and confimed our roster and we plan on having every cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C TRACON in vZBW staffed in addition to full Boston TRACON and Center staffing.


These positions include:


























Of the positions listed above, only 3 of them (marked with an asterisk) will be staffed by controllers at home while the other 21 positions will all be staffed in Burlington, MA where the team will be meeting up and controlling from. However more vZBW controllers may plug in on other positions not listed during the event from home.


Be sure to check out the Tea Party 2006 webpage for more information including rules and prizes/sponsors for our Airport Poker Game!!


We look forward to seeing you on our scopes!



Jason Herman

vZBW Events Team memeber & Senior Controller


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