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[VATWA2] VATWA Deputy Division Director vacancy announcement

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VATSIM West Asia Division announces the position vacancy of Deputy Division Director (VATWA2) . The announcement can be found in a PDF format HERE.




Announcement – Staff Position Vacancy West Asia Deputy Division Director (VATWA2)


Before applying for this staff position, please read all sections of the two (2) pages of this docomeent.

Applications shall be sent to: a.stefopoulos(at)vatsim.net with subject “VATWA2 Application”.


The Deputy Division Director is a key role for any division. In VATWA, it ensures the smooth Operation and growth of the Division. The Deputy Division Director coordinates with all local vACC’s matters and works with Neighboring Divisions to maintain a realistic and active environment. He also represents the Division Director in case of absence. The successful candidate is expected to be able to commit for at least 1 year.

Candidates wishing to apply for this key role staff position within VATSIM Asia, are kindly requested to submit their application into a CV format, no later than :

25th September 2018, 2359UTC

Applications shall be sent to VATASIA Region Director at: a.stefopoulos(at)vatsim.net

POSITION VACANCY: Deputy Division Director, VATWA2

REPORTS TO: Division Director, VATWA

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Division Growth – Smooth Operation – [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant to the Division Director


 Responsible for the smooth operation and growth of the Division.

 Replaces the Division Director in case of absence.

 Provides support to any enquiries by members of VATWA through Email or Support Network.

 Pursue issues related to: training Delays, Member Exclusion, Misuse of Authority and Other Conflicts.

 Monitors the Training and intervenes where necessary.

 Maintains a strong online presence on the VATSIM Network.

Person Specification:

 Familiar with ATC Operations, Ideal Candidate will hold at least a C1 Rating.

 Must be a member in Good standing within the VATSIM Network

 Expected to be able to commit at least 5 Hours a week to this role.

 Previous Staff Roles or other experience of management aspects desirable.

 Ability to communicate clearly through different mediums to different people of different cultures.

 Fluent in English Language.

VATSIM West Asia Division Director - Job Description - Asia Region, VATSIM.net – 2018


End of Docomeent

Vice President | Asia Pacific Region
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