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AusFlightSim Cambridge Fly-In 2006

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- - -NOTAM - - -


Just wanted to let you know we have another Fly-In event for the 28th of June.


Our last event "The Murray Field Fly-In 2006" had 200+ movements in 3 hours that included 8 Helicopters working in the area. I'm hoping for just 1 more to join us this time and that may as well be you!


We will be taking advantage of the new VOZ winter textures by going as far south as we dare. The scenery will be amazing and I'm sure the weather will provide interesting conditions. Pilots will be challenged by the proximity of Hobart Int. and Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D airspace should ATC be available.


Thank you for reading and you can find more information here.


See you there!




Direct link to Event.



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Today’s the day the teddy bears have there picnic and we have our Cambridge Fly-In. I look forward to seeing you there and remember there is going to be several cameras taking footage for a movie so nail those landings to give your self the best chance of making into the film. Gavin will also have his trusty cricket umpires counter handy to record the total number of movements and individual aircraft just like last time.


Check the AusFlightSim forums, there will be the latest details and up to date weather information in the form of, ARFOR, TAF METAR as well as individual weather information on request right up to the commencement of the fly-in.


Happy Fly-In

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