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Notice of changes in Naha vACC operation

Masaki Hasuike

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Dear VATSIM members.

I am Masaki Hasuike, VATJPN1.

Today, I inform you about new vAcc operation of VATJPN.


The operation of Kobe control will begin on October 1, 2018 in Japan time, and the operation of Naha control ends.

Due to this, call sign and 4 letter code will be changed to the below.



-- Kobe vACC opening date & time --

1500 UTC, 30th, September, 2018.

0000 JST, 1st , October, 2018.


-- Before change --

4 letter code: RORG_CTR

Call sign: Naha control


-- After change --

4 Letter code: RJBG_CTR

Call sign: Kobe control



There is no change in frequency and airspace.

It is only change of call sign.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you and I hope to see you again on the scope.





Masaki Hasuike / 1141450 / VATJPN1

Masaki Hasuike / 1141450 / VATJPN1


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Thanks for RORG event this weekend.

I'm a Korean VATSIMmer and want to joint that event.


My question is whether I need to report my position Oceanic report format,

for example, reporting the current position and the next waypoint and ETA, in that event.

From my experience of ROAH to any Japan honshu, I was required to report in Ecoeanic format,

exactly same as the airline pilots do in HF frequency.

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