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XPDR mode can't connect between PMDG777 and vPilot (P4d)


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As the title

I'm using P3d v4 now.

When I turn the transponder switch to the far right in PMDG 777 cockpit, vpilot's mode C can't be activated, so after turning the switch in the cockpit, I need to activate mode C in vpilot window or in P3d's menu bar.


I didn't have this issue with Aerosoft Airbus Professional P3dv4. It can automatically change xpdr mode.


I have reinstalled all the simconnect installers in p3dv4\redist and also reinstalled FSUIPC. I don't know whether it can help but the same issue still happened.


Is there any way to solve this issue?Thanks

YanYu Dai

Event Coordinator - VATROC



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