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Towerview with Euroscope on a 2nd computer

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Hey Guys!


Hope everyone is well. I have ES running on my laptop and I control etc through that.


I have P3D on my desktop. All my flying there. I have vPilot host/remote mode working beautifully. So my flights are fantastic.


However, I would like to use towerview in vPilot on the desktop. And I am struggling to get it to work. Most of the time I just don't see anything or I get connection errors.


Is there something I am missing? some parameters:


1. I am connecting to VATSIM using ES on the Laptop and I have the proxy on.

2. I have tried running vPilot with desktop running host and laptop running remote.


Is this a possible configuration? Logically it makes sense to me but I am wondering what I am missing.


Your thoughts are appreciated!



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How are you sir? Hope life is treating you well I see a lot of your posts arond here...busy man.

I am keeping myself busy in Toronto playing with the VATCAN boys

Sorry, I missed your reply... Next time I fly to Toronto, I shall advise you!

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Hi guys.


Do you know how can I use Tower view on a sweatbox session with the Euroscope local FSD server? I'm struggling with it.


Kind Regards



Pretty straight forward if you follow the wiki:



If you also add the effects folders to every aircraft you can simulate fire, lights and so on

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