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This is a fairly common problem. As has been noted in a few other threads, FSX is stock to 2006 at best. I won't even guess on FS9. Bright and shiny P3Dv4 is the same as FSX.

What we do in most cases for fields that have had extensive remodeling, we have overlays on our scope. Old taxiways and runways will be a different color than the current. And we just do our best. At KCMH if you don't tell us, we might put you on a taxiway instead of a runway..we have to coordinate you with others using the field.

One of my favorites is KIND. There the taxiway changes are minor, but in 2008 the opened a new Terminal on pretty much the opposite end of the field. So inbound acft, while I do try to keep as real as I can, AND if they didn't pay attention to the ATIS, are going to get the question: Do you have Midfield terminal Scenery?

And since I'm typing anyway...

Xplane...Yes, you do. .. FSX without any addons..No you do not. P3D...guess what, Nope. You don't either.

There is some freeware out there and a couple of companies have said they were working on high end scenery...but no joy. ONE payware out there has midfield but taxiways, well, they have issues.


td;dr Local controllers learn what is out there and will do the best they can for you. Just let them know what you have on initial contact OR as the ATIS requests.


I hope that helps.

I got to the door!

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