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Release of Denver API

Brandon Wening 1394476

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Wyatt Whorton and I (Brandon Wening) have created a new API that gathers information about flights that are currently within the borders of a particular ARTCC.


The Denver Live Flight Information API utilizes VATUSA’s API to gather a list of all active pilots within the US airspace. Our API then uses an algorithm using the selected facility’s border coordinates to determine which planes are inside the facility. The API outputs all information about the flights inside the selected facilities airspace. This can be used to display active flights on a facility website easily.


The docomeentation and usage can be found here http://api.denartcc.org.


If you have an idea for future features, recommendations, or find issues, please contact either Wyatt or myself via [email protected] or [email protected].


Brandon Wening

Deputy Air Traffic Manager

Denver ARTCC

[email protected]

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