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Tower View for Xplane 11

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Hello fellow controllers!


I have tried to get tower view working with Euroscope V3.2 and Xplane 11. Each time I try to connect to the Euroscope proxy server (localhost) with "Enable Proxy" selected, the message "server could not be found" pops up. I'm using 6809 as the port.


Does anyone know if this is a bug or is there something that I have done wrong or missed?






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It does work Make sure you are running proxy on Euroscope, and in x-plane, enter your own local IP instead of a server and hit connect. You might have to enable proxy in XSquawkBox, but I'm not sure.

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If you're running XSB and ES on the same machine, you should be able to use as the IP address, regardless of what your actual local LAN IP address is. If you want to run XSB on a different machine from ES, then you'll need the IP address shown by ipconfig.


(The above works for the tower proxy server in vSTARS, and I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume ES as well.)

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Since I have been using swift exclusively for the last few weeks or months, I am not entirely sure, but I faintly remember that I had to use the machine's IP address and not just to find ES's proxy. But I may be wrong.


Correction: I just tried it. You can just enter as IP address for the server to connect to. You don't even have to start Euroscope's Proxy Server, it works just like this: connect Euroscope to VATSIM, connect XSquawkbox to That's all.

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