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VATPAC site ?

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Hi there fellas,


Im kind of new to ATC and all and dont know if this is a stupid question, but ive been trying to get onto the VATPAC.org site for 2 days now since ive registered on VATSIM to apply for ATC role.


Can someone please let me know whats going on with the server or am i trying to load up the wrong site here ??



Thanks in advance...

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There appears to be some DNS issues - the site is unreachable for most people. You have the correct address (www.vatpac.org).


It can take several hours for updates to DNS records to propogate around the world through all the internet servers; keep trying the site periodically and you should see it become available again soon.




John Golin

Deputy Director - VATSIM Oceania Region

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I tried that - didn't quite resolve to where I expected as multiple sites are hosted.


Hopefully will be resolved fairly quickly - in the mean time, here is a lesson on why you should always be seated with your belt fastened until told otherwise...




Aleternatively, please feel free to check out www.worldflight.ozflight.com.au for some light reading....


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