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Hi all,

Does anyone know if ISEC.txt is still useful in Euroscope (latest beta release)?

It has to be present, but to make sure I deleted all the lines from this file (but a couple of them) and everything still runs fine.

The routes are still showing.

I tried with "use ISEC.TXT for scratch pad" checked and unchecked in my general settings, still no differences.

I didn't find any clues in the wiki pages.



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So from what I understand, the intersection and route information in ISEC (the datafiles) is used only for route calculation and predictions, and the information is only visualized when you draw a FP out on the screen and ES checks it for valid connections and altitudes and gives you color feedback. Any sustained route or FIX that is being displayed on your scope is depending on your FIX and AWY definitions in your sector file, not the updateable datafiles.



Mr. Cersnak would have to confirm this, but I discovered this a while ago. Hope it helps!

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Thanks for your answer,

I was only referring to route calculation, when you draw a FP out on the screen.

With a fully updated ISEC.txt or with an empty file, it seems to work the same way, with no difference.

So it seems to me that this file is no more used, just wanted the confirmation.

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