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ATC ... how can i join Oceania region

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Once you are registered with VATSIM you can immediately connect as an Observer for ATC, or fly online as a pilot.


It is a good idea to try flying online and even Observing some ATC to get a feel for how the environment works.


If you want to fly, there are no further requirements, however it is a good idea to read the matrerial in the Pilot Resource Centre www.vatsim.net/prc . This will help you understand how things work and how to share the online experience.


To control, you need to;


a) Make sure you are [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to a Region AND Division; in this case, Oceania and VATPAC. Visit the 'Membership' pages on the VATSIM site to check and amend your details as required.

b) Learn how to use the controller software, learn and some basic information about ATC in the Division you wish to control; for VATPAC, there are links to 'Airspace' information and 'Training' materials in the menus on the site.

c) Also contact the VATPAC training department through the links from the training section fo the website to seek a promotion from Observer/ Pilot to Student. The training department will get in touch with you regarding their requirements and testing procedures.





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