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Multiple dot commands in alias file

Mark Taylor 1268798

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I have created a number of Stars/Sids in the Sector file, and a dot command for each to display.

Also created a dot command to display them, byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing the clicking of menus. Works good.


Then I have a similar dot command for each Star/Sid to display the fixes.


Imagine this:


Sector file...






And the Alias file....


.Star1-route .fd Star-1

.Star1-fixes .ff AAA BBB CCC DDD



That works good also, but is there a way to have the alias file command on one line?


.Star1 .fd Star1 ; .ff AAA BBB CCC DDD



Is there a format that I have not found where you can combine both dot commands on one line, or chain to a second dot command?





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Yeah, I did try that, finally, but not sure I got the right format.


It seems that as long as the command does not change you can have multiple commands on the line, i.e.


This works...

.star-1 .star-1-1 .star-1-2 .star-1-3 <- all diagrams. Each is an alis to a .fd command

.star-1-fixes .star-2-1-fixes .star-2-2-fixes <- all fixes. Each is an alias to a .ff command



But this will not...

.star-1 .star-1-route .star-1-fixes <- star route and star fixes. star-1-route is a .fd command and .star-1-fixes is a .ff command.




Unless anyone has actually see it work I just haven't found a combination that does.



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