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[New SSO] VATSIM Connect

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We are in the final stages of launching VATSIM's "New SSO" to the world. VATSIM Connect is built upon OAuth 2 and sits on top of a much more robust infrastructure to alleviate some of the stress we had with the previous system.


Over the coming weeks, we would like to invite a few members from the community (Specifically webmasters) to test integration with the system and provide us some feedback.


Interested? Email web[at]vatsim[dot]net

Matthew Cianfarani
Vice President - Network Infrastructure
VATSIM Board of Governors

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Hi Matthew,


Im very interested on it. Right now in VATMEX[dot]net we use wordpress but in the register form we ask for the CID to prove they are members or the network. A lot of users enter random numbers o they have CID but no connections to the net yet, so I cant search for them on the stats page.


I will contact you via email

My email mkt[at]vatmex[dot] net



Rodolfo Sanchez

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Not sure if this invitation is still up, but it's worth a shot.

Just emailed you pitching Chile vACC's status and intentions (basically, not currently using SSO but interested of jumping right into the new system rather than integrating the old one and then rewriting the integration for the new one)




Javier Larroulet (C3) - Chile vACC


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