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AirweCargo - now flying from Heathrow

Richard Myers

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Over a period of time our management team has been asked why we never had Heathrow in our base schedules. The answer was it has been the Airwego Group policy historically to concentrate on more regional airports as our bases.

However we have listened to those voices and are proud to announce that effective immediately we will commence cargo operations from EGLL Heathrow. If successful and well used we shall in the future be considering p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger operations as well.




For now we are stationing a mixed fleet of Boeing 757F, 747F and 777F at Heathrow serving initially 20 no. destinations both on the European continent and worldwide. So lots to enjoy for those with both short/medium and long haul preferences.


You will be aware that Heathrow carries one of the highest online controller presence on VATSIM.


We would urge those of you who have experience in these online organisations to “fly the Comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]” and let the Airwego callsign be a regular for all to hear at Heathrow. In doing this it goes without saying that you will be representing the good name of Airwego so having charts at the ready and using correct procedure will be a must for all of us.


We hope you enjoy!



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