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FSD server program - only 4 starts allowed ?

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I have downloaded the latest PublicVatsimLicence.lic file from GoogleDrive


since the EuroScope webpage at http://www.euroscope.hu is down.


EuroScope FsdServer.exe could only be started 4 times, thereafter, the program is locked with following reference:

[2019.03.26 05:57:00] Examining license data ...

[2019.03.26 05:57:00] No more restart without license download.

[2019.03.26 05:57:00] Downloading license data from license server ...


[2019.03.26 05:57:01] Failed to download license file.


I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume this is related to the fact that http://www.euroscope.hu website is down.




How could this problem be solved ?

When is http://www.euroscope.hu expected to be up again ?

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