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Sector file looks viewed from an angle

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I am making a ground layout for our sector file by designing it in google earth and using fs.mine tool to convert from kmz to .sct.


The problem is that it looks like it is being viewed from an angle, not from the vertical.

It also happens with the holdings. They don't look all the same, depending on the inbound course.




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Have you tried using this command?

.dcenter {point}


This will adjust the lat/lng ratio of the map based on the point you specify (i.e. airport ICAO or fix ID). By default it uses the sectorfile's center. Depending on how far you are from the center, and how far you are from equator, this command can make a big difference.

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The .SCT-file needs to have that information setup in the section [iNFO].


For example, the Langen (Frankfurt, Germany) area has the following INFO:

Langen 1810/1-1 EDGG 20180920


Explanation taken from VATSIM UK https://github.com/VATSIM-UK/UK-Sector-File/wiki/Root

The [iNFO] section is the first within the .sct file, and the generator simply places the contents of Info.txt into this section, replacing {VERSION} in the way mentioned above.


Line 1 - Sector File Name


Lines 2 & 3 - Default Callsign and Airport - irrelevant.


Lines 4 & 5 - Default Visibility Centre - line 4 is set to the latitude halfway between the 50N and 56N extremities of what we have determined as the 'important area' of the UK. This is important for an automatic calculation made by EuroScope, described below.


Lines 6 & 7 - No. of NM per degree of lat/long - lines of latitude are always parallel, so the first of these lines is 60 in most cases. Lines of longitude converge towards the poles, so with distance from the equator, the value of line 7 should decrease in order to 'squeeze' the sector so that it appears normal on the scope. However, EuroScope uses the coordinate on line 4 to calculate the number of nautical miles per degree of longitude automatically, so the value of these lines is, in effect, redundant.


Line 8 - Magnetic Variation - this is used to rotate the display on the scope such that features are aligned to magnetic north.


Line 9 - Sector Scale Factor


As with Comments.txt, there shouldn't be a need for this file to be edited.

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