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Regarding Swift Approval and 10 day wait period

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Hello, i have heard that the swift client is under approval process right now and that we need to wait 10 days before the voting ends and we can use swift on the network.


As this has been defacto already approved even if the voting is still open have you been banning people on the network for using swift before this 10 day voting period is completed?


It would seem a little silly to ban people for using a program that is approved even if not bureaucratically so.


As many members have already downloaded the software and are probably using it on vatsim are the supervisors enforcing the rule of no swift on the network?


I would suggest being lenient as the communication of the launch was a little confusing.


Best Regards

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It has not officially been approved, since the voting hasn't ended.

Until then, you can't use Swift on the network and you will be violating the Code of Conduct A7 by doing so.

Morten Jelle

VATSIM Network Senior Supervisor
VATSIM Membership Manager, Asia/Pacific Region


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