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Euroscope TS3 Server File

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Look at this post: viewtopic.php?f=71&t=78301#p531571

The EuroScope Beta 19 zip file in the Google drive referred to there contats the TS3 Server file supplied with Euroscope.


Thanks for your response Michael, however, what I think you're referencing is the 'ts3_server_win32.dll', which is not only for windows but also only works with the FSD server program and isn't the deb package file I was looking for .


The file should be of a package file which contains the Teamspeak 3 server files to be able to run on a linux distro, the file used to be located on the changes page of 'euroscope.hu' and was named something like 'package-ests3_1.0.1-i386.deb'.


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