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Use of GSX pushback on Vatsim.

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Hello guys and gals


I am just wondering about the use of GSX pushback when on vatsim.

I have read that it is not "allowed" due to the extra "strain" it puts on the connection.(not sure about the correct phrases)


But almost every youtube video I see, they use GSX for pushback...

While it may be a more realistic pushback, facing you the correct way and everything, I can understand that it uses more resources.


Should I never use GSX, could I use it when there is no event(little traffic), or could I just use it?





Orjan Polman

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You can use GSX on every flight if you want to, nothing except your planes movement is transmitted to the servers.


However, you cannot connect as a Follow-Me car yourself. In this case, the plane and the Follow-Me would be recognized by the servers.


I hope this answers your question.

| Enroute Controller |


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  • Board of Governors

Welcome to VATSIM.


The full suite of features from GSX can be used with VATSIM including the follow me car.


You yourself are not able to connect to the network as a ground vehicle - you must be in an aircraft - but all vehicles from GSX are only visible to you in your simulator.


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Thanks Gunnar!


Good to know anyway.


A quick on the side question; I thought of joining the "Runway to Holland" event tonight.

I found a real life flight from LGAV to EHAM, and this is flown by a 738.

Would I be allowed to fly it in a 777?





You are free to fly it in a DC3 even and no AOC will complain. Anything your heart desires, this is flight sim!

Romano Lara
vACC Philippines, Manager - Training & Standards

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