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Does Swift use the same ports as the other clients

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Just wondering out loud, something for the design team to consider, I wonder if matching 3290 like all the other clients would make it simpler for our members, as they (should have) already set forwarding for that port already. That said, I have no idea the design benefit [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with a different port, so please take my comment with a grain of salt.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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The original idea was to coexist with any other client. Whilst this is less of a concern for FSX/P3D, it is for the plugin based clients in the X-Plane family. Not all clients are waiting with resource allocation/locking until they are going to be used.


Anyway, since there are many other conflicts already identified, we can also accept that one and go back to the default port. Things will change with AFV anyway soon.

swift - Technical Manager


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