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Nicola Felini

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POSITION VACANCY: Caribbean Division Director, VATCAR1


Applications are now being accepted for the position of Division Director for VATCAR.


The Division Director is an important link between the "front line" of the network and the VATSIM North America Region. The duties listed below are intended for further delegation, in part, but ultimate responsibility lies with the Division Director. A Division Director is expected to be able to commit to at least 2 years to the job, and should take this into consideration before applying.


REPORTS TO: VATSIM Regional Director for North America, VATNA1


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Management of the VATCAR Division, including but not limited to the following duties:


- Providing strong leadership, direction and vision to Division staff.

- Monitoring, reviewing, and enhancing all existing division programs, including training and membership.

- Inviting applications and appointing qualified personnel to fill vacant staff positions.

- Work to improve the infrastructure of the Division, including the website and social media .

- Regularly reviewing ATC progression, and ensuring that upgrade recommendations for qualified candidates are acted on promptly.

- Ensuring that an online presence of ATC is maintained which encourages maximum coverage, looking for growth opportunities.

- Establish and maintain partnerships with Virtual Airlines, developing relationships for continued collaboration.

- Ensuring that events are arranged regularly, both within the division and in cooperation with adjacent divisions and regions.

- Compile quarterly Division reports to the Regional Director for North America.


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful applicant will meet the following minimum standards:


-A familiarity with Caribbean ATC operations and regulations.

-A familiarity with pilot operations.

-Minimum of C1 rating, and be in good standing within the VATSIM Network.

-Demonstrated past experience in staff rolls, or other managerial experience.

-A commitment to maintain a strong online presence throughout their appointment, in addition to a minimum of 5 hours per week working specifically in the role of Division Director.

-The ability to communicate clearly and professionally through various mediums to people of different experience levels and cultures.

-Fluent in the English language.



Applications will be accepted until 2359Z on 8 MAY 2019. Any applications received after this deadline will not be considered. All applications shall be e-mailed to n.felini[at]vatsim.net.

Nicola Felini

Vice President | Conflict Resolution


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