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Hey gang,


Just a noob pilot here, still "observing", but I took a small look at what the controllers have to learn and what the Academy involves.


I promise to always be professional and polite! PHeew! THAT'S a lot of information you guys have to absorb. I knew learning to be a pilot dealing with ATC would be hard...but it pales in comparison to what the controller trainees have to learn...by far!


More power to you, gang. Good luck and Godspeed.



"I'm a man...but I can change...if I have to...I guess"

The Man's Prayer

Red Green

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Hello Victor, and welcome to VATSIM!


While there is a lot to learn in the academy, the more you fly online the easier it is to understand it. As you learn about flying with ATC you will learn many of the things that you need to know about controlling also. Thats not to say there still wasn't a lot I didn't know (and still don't know), but as I went through the Academy I noticed much of the stuff I learned as a pilot on VATSIM.


Well there's my humble opinion.




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