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So i was forcefully disconnected from vatsim and i dont know why. As i was aware i wasn't breaking any of the vatsim rules.

I did follow ATC instructions as well and i am above the age limit for using vatsim. Any Anwsers?

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Maybe a timeout?


Proably i will tell you if it happens again thanks.

If you didn't receive any messages from a VATSIM Supervisor, it was just a temporary loss of connectivity.


The caveat to that is that if you were flying via X-Plane and connected via XSquawkBox without also installing the XSBMsgSound plugin, you might have been getting private messages without knowing it.




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...and then you should consider trying out "swift".


Haha shameless plug (but seriously it's leaps and bounds better than what XSB offers "out of the box" especially for newer members.


... Any Anwsers?


If you did not see any messages, and did not receive an email to your registered VATSIM account (check SPAM just in case) then it was likely either a timeout with the client or server you were connected too. If you were disconnected by a supervisor then you would have received an email stating the reason why your connection was terminated.


Anchorage Deputy Air Traffic Manager

VATSIM Senior Supervisor (Team 1)

Have a question or concern? Email me at [email protected].

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Give swift a try. Should you do so, make sure that you move the XSquawkbox-folder out of the Plugins-directory. Otherwise it will interfere with AI-aircraft and you won't see other pilots through swift.


I will but is it safe to use?

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