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VATUSA Friday Night OPS every Friday night!!

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Calling VAs and Private Pilots to the first Friday Night Event that is sponsored by VATUSA and has the input of both ARTCCs and the VA community.


Friday Night OPS (FNO) continues the excellent pace set forth by founding VA partner AvA along with ATA, SimCOA (Simulated Continental Airlines) and others.


The FNO team does the leg work, coordinates with ARTCCs, provides suggested flight plans and secures ATC for those flight plans.


We also will be from time to time offering prizes for participants as a way to thank you for your support.


This weekly event is open to any VA pilot as well as pilots who have yet to choose a VA (or don’t wish to fly under a VA), each week we will provide you with everything you will need to make your flight as easy as possible (routes, chart links, etc.)


For more details check out http://fno.vatusa.org

Richard Green

VATSIM Supervisor

SB Testing & Support Team

VRC Testing & Support Team

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See you all there tonight!


It looks like the local time for the event should be around 2000 hrs CDT Friday (0100Z SAT) for those who haven't visited the FNO or ZKC site yet.


We'll probably have ATC on before and after the actual event times also (speaking for myself), so we can catch those who don't depart exactly on time from their destination airports.


As always, thanks for flying Tornado Alley!

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GO ZKC and ZME!!!!


Don't forget about us up north!! ZMP will be givin support to ZKC for FNO...and even though they were not listed on the FNO site, these routes are certainly fair game departing KMSP:






We'll see ya in a few hours!



"No sir, I did not clear you for a PRM."

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Have attended the last 2 Fri Night Ops...seems to be catching on. Nice flight from KBUF-KEWR last night. Buff App, 3 centers, NY App, Twr, Gnd all on-line. Made for a very realistic sim....great job to all the magical voices on the scopes keeping us on co[Mod - Happy Thoughts]! Plan on making Fri Night Ops as often as possible, until the wife has something to say. Sat Night Ops may be reserved for her so please don't encourage me and add another night!!

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I'd like as much pilot/controller feedback as possible on these events. I spend a bit of time setting the flights up, but due to my work schedule, I'm normally not able to attend the event. Last night I was out of the office and had no way of even checking on the numbers that were flying into the area.


All feedback is good...even the bad. Please visit the FNO website where you can find my email address and send me your impressions on these events, the routes, and the amount of traffic you encounter. I try hard to spread the routes out so that they come at the target airports from all directions, but I don't know how successful I am.


I look forward to your questions, concerns, suggestions, and criticisms.

Fly Safe! Have Fun!

Craig Moulton



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