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Vpilot Delay in opening

Mohammed Shaamil

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I've been using Vpilot for a quite a bit of time, now all of a sudden for the past 2 months I am facing this issue-


Whenever I start Vpilot, it does not open immediately and also it makes my computer freeze... I leave it untouched for a few mins and my computer gets back to normal... I have never faced this is issue earlier but now I'm facing it... I have tried re-installing it multiple times, running it in admin mode and compatibility mode for Win 7 and 8 and many more things related to perms and such but no luck. I sense this is a weird problem as none of my colleagues experience this kind of an issue and I'm also not able to find this topic on any of the Vpilot forums...


Any Solutions would be highly appreciated.





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Interesting ... the only thing I changed was some logic in how vPilot handles deleted aircraft in MSFS. My best guess is that your antivirus or firewall software was somehow interfering with the startup, and downloading the new version made it stop since the exe is now different. Just a wild guess, though.

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