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Welcome and congrats on p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing your exam. I see you have chosen ZLC as your home ARTCC. You should have received a Welcome email from the ARTCC staff which will have information about how to contact them and what steps to take next. Make sure you check your Junk folder as well. But if that doesn't work you can email the ATM directly at [email protected]. Good luck and hope to see you on the scopes soon.

David Stone

Indianapolis ARTCC ATM

VATSIM Network Supervisor



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So I understand the ARTCC is responsible for the ATC rating, but once I have completed exams for P ratings, how long / who is responsible for updating that rating for my account? I p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed the P1 [Mod - Happy Thoughts]essment on Thursday and just want to make sure that did not get lost.

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