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Creating my own sector files.

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Dear people,

I'm trying to make my own sector files for euroscope. But I walk against a few issues.

I build a layout within google earth pro. Then I save it as a .KMZ file and transfer it to a .SCT file.

When I load it into euroscope I can't find it and it won't load the file.

ANy suggestion on what I miss and a more detailed tutorial on how to make sector files for Tower, App, and Center?

Regards Bryan

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I would suggest that you contact your Division's Director of Operations or Sector Engineer. You must be a member of a Region and a Division and the staff of that division will be responsible for producing sector file for that division.

To avoid duplication and to maintain high standards the creation of sector files is usually restricted to Division staff. Your division may, or may not, allow non-controllers to download sector files.



I would respectfully suggest that you enroll yourself in your divisions ATC training program. We can always use another controller!

Quig, C3, P1, VATPAC, CZQM (inact), CZQX (ret).

4200+ hrs of "Chaos, Panic & Disorder in your virtual skies!"



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