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Display Settings freeze

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Hello, I'm having a freeze issue with the Euroscope after I've loaded a SCT file. This seems to happen both in r18 and r20, and even my backup copy of r18 version where I had everything set up and working.


After I open a SCT file and click on "Display Settings", whole Euroscope freezes in about 5-10 seconds, before the window pops up. When closing, it freezes again. This is very annoying, especially when trying to do many changes in the display settings.


Based that this happens both on my backup, and fresh installs I believe it is my Windows perhaps? I'm running on the newest Windows 10. Other than that I've tried disabling anti-virus and firewalls with no avail. Restarting computer. Opening old SCT files I know works with no avail. Running as admin, and also tried different compatibility modes with no avail.


Do anyone have any idea what could be causing this, and how to fix it?

Much appreciated!

Daniel Lange

Web Services Director
Vatsim Scandinavia

[email protected]

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