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What the best Flight Simulator these days

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Hi there,


My name is Emmanuel Gutierrez (ID 972888) I was an highly engaged pilot/controller in vatsim around 9 years ago . Due to life and responsibilities, I havent been able to be in the network for that long. Back in the day, FS9,FSX were the 2 main sims in the platform. I want to get back to the platform as a pilot and am looking to purchase the very best sim for the network. Can anyone councel me what is the best sim around these days?


Thank you everyone


Emmanuel Gutierrez (972888)


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Hi Emmanuel and welcome back!


Things have progressed a little and of course choices still exist.


  • Xplane is at version 11 and looks lovely especially for those slower, lower flights.
  • FSX is still there and still used either as boxed or via Steam. It is however 32bit so prone to memory issues.
  • P3D is based on FSX - they share a lot of code however P3D v4.5 is current and, like xplane still developing. It is 64bit so now free from the memory issues faced by its predecessors. The range of addons, including high fidelity commercial airliners make it the choice of many.


The best thing? Xplane has a demo. P3D has a returns policy. Try them both out!



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