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Swift Enable Proxy

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I currently use XSquawkbox to connect to VATSIM.


It has an enable proxy feature which allows my two visual x-plane pc's to connect to the master x-plane pc XSquawkbox.


All this means I can see VATSIM aircraft on all five of my external visual displays.


Can I do something similar with Swift or will I be restricted to only seeing aircraft on screens connected to my master x-plane machine ?





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Hi Duncan,


We use this feature to fly in a shared cockpit (Using SmartCopilot).


Of course, in this case, the second pilot (OBS (copilot) will use his own ID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word.


The problem we have: On the OBS pilot side, only very near traffic is catch (May be less than 5 miles), as well on the Radar tab of swift, in external visual, and as TCAS alert.


As a ticket is opened here: https://dev.swift-project.org/T703, can you share your experience?



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This is what I plan to do.


Screens 1,2,3,4,5 from left to right.


Computer One (X-Plane Master) (screen 3)


Install Swift Core (Audio on core side).

Install XSwiftBus


Computer Two (X-Plane Visuals) (screen 1 & 2)


Install Swift Gui (more convenient for the gui to be here)

Install XSwiftBus


Computer Three (X-Plane Visuals) (screen 4 & 5)


Install XSwiftBus


My only concern is will the AI aircraft be drawn on all 5 screens.


If not I will stick with XSquawkbox which can do this.

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