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Sector borders depending on active positons

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is it possible to set different sector borders depending on active positions?


For example:

We've got Approach North (N), Approach South (S) and Director,


APP S has four different variants of borders:

1. when it's online alone

2. when it's online with DIR

3. when it's online with N

4. when it's online with N and DIR


I have no problem with 1. and 2. but I can't figure how to make 3. and 4. possible, I can make different sectors for every option, but how to "enable" and "disable" specific sector depending on active positions, is it possible?


Thank you in advance,


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Hello Jakub,


it is possible to do that. All you need is to define all sectors at a detailed level, that includes all areas that a switched between the stations.


If you view for example the Berlin (EDBB) area, you will see, that we have 3 _APP and 1 _DEP position. http://files.aero-nav.com/EDWW


N_APP is our primary sector and has ownership for all APP areas if only alone. The other stations are defined on top of that. All you need to do is taking a pen and paper and to make a plan, for which sectors you need multiple ownership and in which order this should take place.


If you are responsible for the design of Sectorfiles in your vACC/FIR/vARTCC, you should consider using GNG, as it makes not only the creation of multiple ownerships a little bit easier, it also keeps your NavData current for free with just a few klicks every cycle change.

| Enroute Controller |


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Thank you for Your answer and for sending this link, GNG looks great, I will defintiely use it


But regarding sector - I still can't get it, I mean - I can easily make three sectors - one for the N_APP, one for DIR and one for the S_APP with S_APP getting everything when it's alone, but I can't figure out how to make these sectors change depending on active positions.


Let me show an example:

We've got S_APP and N_APP online, TMA is split into two sectors like this:


(Photos are just illustrative, quality is awful - I know )




But, when the DIR will login (so we've got N_APP, S_APP and DIR) we need it to be something like that:





So, I can make two different sectors for each APP position - but the problem is that I need them to "switch" depending on the DIR logged in or logged off.

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