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Charts and NAV data

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I'm incredibly new to the VATSIM network (I haven't done any vatsim flights yet), and I was wondering about nav data and charts. I get that you have to pay for the latest NAV data on websites like Navigraph, but when I went to see their pricing I saw that, for a much higher price, they also offer charts. These charts they offer are way over my budget. Are these 'latest charts' required and what's the deal with them?



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You can find charts for many countries in the world offered for free. Not sure where you fly, but there have to be dozens, if not hundreds, of outfits that offer free US charts, in addition to the FAA (I use airnav.com). For outside the US, you could Google free aviation charts in ____ (country), or you could search the country's government aviation website. You might also check out the local Division or ARTCC/FIR/vACC website.


Another example -- UK charts --





Are they required? Required might be slightly too strong a word, but they certainly are expected.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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VATSIM will never force you to pay for anything in order to enjoy the network. While an updated AIRAC cycle (navdata) and up-to-date charts are recommended, no one can deny service or tell you to pay for those services.


However, if you are running default navdata, you must expect to get amended routings, non-standard departure or similar.


Welcome to VATSIM, and don't hesitate to ask should you have any questions, either here, on the VATSIM Facebook page or the designated VATSIM For Beginners group.

Mats Edvin Aarø
General Manager - Member Engagement
Supervisor Team Lead: Team 4
[email protected]

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