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[8/4] KRNO-KSMF-KSFO Spotlight (0100-0330z)

Eric Hebert 832602

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VATUSA Friday Night Ops (FNO) and Virtual Continental's TGIF both come to VATSIM's ZOA on Friday, August 4th, 2006. FNO will be going to KRNO Reno / Tahoe International Airport and KSMF Sacramento International Airport, while TGIF will be visiting KSFO San Francisco International Airport.


ZOA will be fully staffed at these three facilities as well as Approach and Departure Controls and, of course, Oakland Center. Everyone is invited to come fly in to America's Biggest Little City, California's State Capital and the City By The Bay.


Visit the ZOA Events Forum for more information...



1800-2100 LCL/PDT - 0100-0400 UTC

6:00PM to 9:00PM California time


Eric J. Hébert (ZOA_EH)

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