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FS9 - Initial set-up successful - Subsequent attempts UGH!

H. R. Martin Phills 815446

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Hi Swift Masters.


I'm running FS9. I am using the Swift stand alone GUI. My initial set-up for Swift was successful: Swift was communicating with FS9 properly and displaying model matches, my own aircraft model and my global coordinates correctly. Problems arise when I want to use swift again after disconnecting from the first attempt after a clean install:


1) Swift does not exit properly even after the exit prompt and FS9 closes. I have to go into task manager to end the background process for the swift gui (stand alone)


2) After a computer reboot and restart of FS9, swift no longer communicates with FS9 properly. It no longer recognizes my aircraft after a manual connection via multi-player and it gives my location as somewhere in Germany rather than let's say CYYZ (Toronto) or TTPP (Port of Spain). If I enter my AC details manually, it still gives me a red window around my model string and if it does allow a connection, it still puts me in Germany instead of the coordinates displayed in FS9.


I uninstalled swift, did a clean reinstall of swift and repeated the process as outline above: The 1st running is perfect. But the program fails to exit as above and subsequent running of the program after a reboot of my PC produces the same disappointing results...


I was looking forward to swift being squawkbox's replacement! Any help would be appreciated.

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