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SMTimer plugin

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The Java version also works great. Configuration is easy. Somehow I cannot seem to edit the right-most clock, changes go into the second clock from the right. Could be PEBCAK though. I will try again later.


Thanks again!




Thanks for the feedback, i can confirm the bug you have found. Will have a look and fix it asap.


EDIT: Fixed the bug in the Java applet. PEBCAK on my side

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I just downloaded both versions, plugin and java, and sounds are not working. When using ES plugin after time is over I got standard windows sound and in java version there are no sounds at all. I've double checed, I have sounds (.wav)  both in java version start folder and in Euroscope sounds folder - however I have nonstandard path to ES sound folder (d:\Dysk Google\EuroScope Dane\Sounds).

Any chance to fix it?



Best regards,
Michael "Zulus" Zazula

Visit pl-vacc.org.pl  | Welcome to Polish virtual airspace!

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On 5/5/2020 at 5:36 PM, Bernardo Reis said:

It is possible to make the timer only visible inside Euroscope?

That would be a wonderful change! It's the main reason I'm not using this plugin unfortunately.

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