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VATEUR1 Resignation

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Dear fellow members,


It has been more than 6 years from the position of Region Director, Europe and close to 9 in total that I have been serving VATSIM Europe’s Region. With sadness, I have to announce that this journey comes to an end, effective immediately, I am resigning from Europe’s Lead. It has been a great honor and sense of duty to have collaborated and worked together with every one of you all. Notably, I would like to thank everyone in VATSIM Europe’s Staff, as well as in our three divisions, for the dedication and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion you put into the network.


I will continue to have a strong presence in the future as well. See you all, online.

Apostolos Damkalis

VATSIM Supervisor Team Leader

Regional Conflict Resolution Panel Chairman,Europe


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This is becoming much bigger of a surprise than anyone could've imagined.

Thank you a lot for everything you've done for the VATSIM network, and I guess the only thing left to say is - good luck, and I hope we'll hear you on VATSIM anytime soon!

ACCPL1 - Polish VACC Director
##  [email protected]
##  [email protected]
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  • Board of Governors

Apos thank you for your service to the Europe Region and also your commitment to the EC.

I wish you well for the future. Please don’t be a stranger.

Indeed Andreas! WTH is going on!?


Thanks for all your work the past years Apos


Hi guys just to put your mind at ease there is nothing going on. These resignations are nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence. They are in no way linked.

Alan Cooke VATGOV11

Vice President - Membership
VATSIM Board of Governors

[email protected]   

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  • Board of Governors

It is very sad to see you go Apostolos. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your kind contribution to the network and the community.

Vice President | Asia Pacific Region
image.png.0fbc2efe758d66615ca0218192f10b82.png [email protected]

image.png.6aeeb01847f3b3cd0851cf2a1b0e8dfb.png              image.png.b1d1aa3e3ac65194d4ba4c2111a2d6f4.png             image.png.d4d64027d41ccfdfb03e5585a4f2e939.png

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