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After requesting push and start i was told by the GND controller at LIS to sqwuak MODE Charlie.


I had my 737NG transponder at ALT OFF so I turned it on to ALT ON / XPDNR


Why is the controller asking this? I know real world ops pilots use ALT OFF on the ground.


Most airports now have a form of ground radar that will require you to have your transponder on in order to use - becoming very common.

Ryan Geckler - GK | Former VATUSA3 - Division Training Manager

VATSIM Minneapolis ARTCC | FAA Miami ARTCC 

Cross the Pond Planning Team

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This is an issue of VATSIM not simulating all transponder modes available in the real world.


In the real world setting your 737s transponder to "ALT OFF" switches it into mode 3/A operations - this is not available on VATSIM. Our transponders only have two modes - off and 3/C.


Sice VATSIM only has these two modes we use the only one that actually gets a SSR response for our gorund radars - mode 3/C.


[All of this is ignoring mode S operations, which I don't want to get into here, because VATSIM does not support that properly anyways].

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