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Servinfo Weather Donwload error

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I was wondering if anyone has the below issue..


Servinfo loads OK and shows all controllers and pilots. However when I try to download the weather for a region or for a particular airport from Vatsim I am getting a Forbidden METAR data can't be retrieved error message.


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Chris, I confirm the issue since mid August. In my case its different. There is no "forbidden metar data" message, instead all the metars are being downloaded for the whole globe INTO 7-8 metar stations. For Europe, all the metar data included into LOWW and ESND stations. For example, if you hover the mouse cursor over LOWW, you will come up with dozens of metar stations that you actually can't do anything. This issue has nothing to do with servinfo and hope for a solution to be found because we live among them!


PS: Chris, have you installed all official updates to get rid of "forbidden" message? Three updates as far I am concerned.

George Kollias


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