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HF Audio Issues

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HF appears to be broken.


I logged on as ZWY_W7_CTR which matches an HF position in the database on 5520 and VHF alias 130.000. At the same time ADR_CTR was online as well on VHF 130.000. I had a pilot call me from LJLJ airport. The pilot was in range of ADR_CTR on 130.000 but the AFV system still tuned him to 5520 as shown on the AFV map.


I had another pilot attempt to test with me while flying in the US and he was not able to contact me. The pilot tuned 130.000 and it stayed there instead of retuning to 5520.


I then logged on as ZWY_EM_CTR on 17946 aliases to 130.900. The pilot over the US was still unable to contact me. Tuning to 130.900 kept him on 130.900 instead of retuning to the HF frequency.


Edit: When another controller tuned the HF frequency, we were able to communicate. It seems to be a pilot tuning issue.

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