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Standalone Client for Mac on New audio.

Louis Kelly 1448360

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Hey is there a standalone client for xsquawkbox on mac for the new audio? if not when will we see one? i used to always fly on voice so like has that been taken away from me?

When i download the client from the website my mac cant find an application to open it.


Standalone is windows based only. Some users have had success using wine to make it work. Otherwise you will have to use swift or wait for xSquawkbox to have native implementation.

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So there is no Mac app to support the new audio or any audio in fact? I tried to follow used guides but I can really use some help. This 63 year man is just not seeing why I have com issues. Following is my setup;


Saitek joysticks with a PTT button mapped to com1("T" shows up in bottom left of monitor)

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 on iMac

X-Plane 11.36r2 (build 113601 64-bit)

xSquawkbox 1.3.3


I Used Unicomm and/or airport freqs when tower is manned or unmanned. There are no errors when loading xsquawkbox, It stated connected and reminds you to check out new audio which I have no clue how to use. Is it built in to squawkbox?


Tried above at KSFO and EDDF with no avail. Attached is my log as well. A step by step process would help and appreciated.


Thanks and Cheer!

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Hey Anthony! You might want to have a look at the website we set up to help people with the change (https://audio.vatsim.net).


For Mac, you have 2 options: Either continue using whichever client you use now AND run the standalone alongside on a Windows PC, OR use swift's alpha version which has it already integrated


I d/l beta2.0xsb and was finally able to hear tower and traffic but cannot transmit even after setting up PTT button. Audio config is grayed out and cannot config like old version. Windows is out as Im on a mac. Will check Swifts Alpha as you suggest

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Hi guys, I’m sorry so bothering you but I really need help for xsquawkbox. I use Xplane11 with iMac.

I started now just couple of weeks ago the vatsim online flying but I cannot setup perfectly the xsquawkbox I think, because I cannot use the voice trans. I can use just the text. I installed the xsquawkbox 1.3.3 from the webpage and setup everything, mic, sign in correctly but don’t working. I don’t hear anybody, but the text working good, just so hard follow the orders and answering same time. I would like use the voice system but I don’t have any idea how:( ? maybe I have to install more things for xsquawkbox? please help me. with mac, so hard use the simulator things

thank you

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