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Feature Request

William Teale

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At present, within the ATIS maker window, VRC supports using the %winds% variable to insert the wind direction and speed, in the format "DIR at SPD". For those of us with a different format expected in the ATIS, we need to update the ATIS manually, by typing in the wind direction and speed by hand, every time the ATIS updates. In my case, this is to get the string "WIND DIR DEGREES, SPD KNOTS".

It would be of great benefit to be able to retrieve the wind direction and wind speed separately from each other, to allow any format desired for automatic ATIS updates. The following string provides an example of what that might look like:

WIND %winddir% DEGREES, %windspd% KNOTS


Secondly, it would be beneficial to be able to allow automatic updates to recognise certain parts of the string as being part of the ceiling and visibility terms, and to omit them and replace them with CAVOK in the event the weather is so. A sample string follows:

WIND %winddir% DEGREES, %windspd% KNOTS. (VISIBILITY %vis%. %sky%. %precip%.). TEMPERATURE %temp%. QNH %alt%.


Between the brackets, the ATISMaker could replace that text with the string CAVOK if appropriate to do so, automatically.


These suggestions, if possible to implement, would greatly facilitate the use of auto updates within VRC for TWR controllers.


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