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People are selling CTP Slots. Is this even allowed?

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Well you presumably also know his Discord screen name. But it's best not to post that here. You might just DM him on Discord and give him a heads-up that it's against the rules. Maybe if he was aware of that, he'd just give up the slot.


I'm not sure who should handle it but possibly

vpsup (at) vatsim (dot) net

... if you contact him, include screenshots if possible.




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Néstor, the answer to your question is YES....


I've heard of people scalping fake World Series, World Cup, and Superbowl tickets before, but scalping fake CTP slots is a new one! And, should it be proven, a mistake that could likely cost the person their ability to fly during CTP tomorrow....

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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Not only for that violate VATSIM’s rules, it’s downright disgusting to think about. VATSIM is free for all, including CTP. It’s not there for individuals to profit.


On a side note, how did we arrive at a place where having a CTP slot is so valuable? I just don’t get it. If you don’t get a slot fly the non event route

Matt Bartels
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