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https://www.vatsim.net/, vpilot and Vatspy issue

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Maybe someone will have an idea:

1. For about two weeks https://www.vatsim.net/ isn't loading in any web browser on my home PC (This topic is written from my work PC).

2. Vatspy fails to download a server list and isn't displaying any information.

3. Vpilot is displaying a red message everytime I connect to the network telling me that I'm using the beta server or something similar.


I think all 3 issues are related to something with my internet connection.


If anybody has an idea on how to solve these would appreciate it very much.




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Check to see if you have a firewall or antivirus program that's blocking vatsim.net


If you're not sure, one-by-one add





to the whitelist of any firewall or antivirus programs you are using, and see if that helps.


If not, try turning off all your firewall and antivirus programs and see if that helps and if you can identify what is blocking your computer from connecting to vatsim.net

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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