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Radio Transmissions coming in Unreadable

Mason McCall 1438364

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I have been part of the VATSIM community for about a year and a half now, and my radio transmissions before the new Audio for VATSIM update came through perfectly and with no issues.


Ever since I’ve started using this new audio, air traffic control as well as other pilots have been completely unable to hear me, as my transmissions come in EXTREMELY broken and unreadable. The absolute best reception of my transmissions I’ve heard from ATC is 2 by 5. However, I do remain connected to the network 99% of the time, with the *rare* disconnection from the voice server.


I am very lost as what to do to even begin to attempt to resolve this problem and get back to using my mic on the network. My specifications are as follows:


Windows 10 (32 bit)

NVIDIA Processor with DirectX 10

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with Service Pack 1)

vPilot for FSX (with SimConnect)

Thrustmaster mic and headset


Any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance or advice helps!


Thank you so much!

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My internet and WiFi connection is usually very close to full or completely full. Other than my simulator, vPilot is the only other program running. People are only receiving bits and pieces of the transmissions.


Occasionally ATC will come in to me broken but that’s not near as bad as how I’m transmitting.

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Alright, perfect! I will try that. Will it help if I do the same thing for FSX too?


Probably not - it sounds like your PC is short of resources so the aim is to allocate a few more CPU cycles to vPilot even when it is not in focus, as opposed to giving them all to FSX.

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On 11/4/2019 at 5:04 AM, Nestor Perez said:

Buy a new PC


And in a slightly more serious tone: Wait for a couple of months. I believe it's in our future plans to optimize the client library further

I still have the same issue, I have a decent pc (specs: Ryzen 5 3600, GTX 1650, 16 GB ram) and a very good wifi connection, when I speed test it shows that im downloading at 400 mbps and uploading at 150 mbps but yet the static and cutting in and out keeps happening, Idk if its because I live in Dubai. Its really annoying and it makes my flight a very bad experience cause EVERY second I have to disconnect and rejoin again, multiple atc's have complained about me leaving and joining, if there is a fix please tell me :)

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Hi Parsan,

It can well be due to the fact that you are located in Dubai. UAE has a long history of blocking and interfering with UDP connections. Other members seemed to have solved this issue by using a VPN. Have you tried this yet?


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