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VATCA Lit up!!

Jose Chavez

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Jose Chavez

Haven't seen Central America lit up like this in a long time! Also, I am connected as an observer in tegucigalpa and I'm honestly impressed and amazed on the quality and clarity of the new audio for VATSIM. To compare it, I was watching Nico Lumermann Twitch stream (DAL213 on Twitch) while he was doing the approach to tegucigalpa and its so clear that the only way to realize if the audio was coming from VATSIM or Twitch was because of the VHF radio effect vPilot give to the broadcast. Trully amazed!! What a m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive improvement!


Siendo honesto tenia bastante tiempo de no ver Centroamérica asi de concurrida. Además, estoy conectado ahorita como observador en tegucigalpa y la claridad y calidad del nuevo audio de VATSIM me ha dejado impresionado! Para compararlo entré a ver el stream de Nico Lumermann en Twich (DAL213 en Twitch) y es tan claro el audio que la única manera de saber que audio venia de VATSIM y que audio venia de su stream, era por el efecto de radio que vPilot le pone al audio. Fuera de eso es clarito clarito! Realmente impresionado!



José Chávez

PPL/IFR (Real life) // VATSIM Online pilot rated (P1) // VATCA Region


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