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Audio For VATSIM Standalone Client window sizing issue

Gabriel Ryu

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I'm using 1920x1080 Full HD with 100% scaling.

Running triple screen with exact same resolution but the only difference is middle one is in 144hz refresh rate, other two in 60hz.


OS language is in Korean. but I guess you might be able to understand my display setting from the captured image below.



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See the known issues on both audio.vatsim.net and the forum. We currently do not support anything other than 100% window scaling. This might change in an update in the future.


I'm using 125% scaling in my Win 7 at 1440p.



Is there any chance to unlock borders of application? This will help in that situation. I will change size of client's window to see all content.

Best regards

Krzysztof Rz.

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Still not found any solution for this matter.
windows display scaling is in 100% as what other says the solution.
I think it's matter with the system locale or unicode issue since many of who are from non-English speaking countries have similar problems.
Being in VATSIM Korea as a controller, "ALL" (yes all..) of the controllers in VAKOR experiencing same issue.
maybe other countries Divisions/vACCs would have the same problem.
will there be any updates for the issue? or is there any way for the fixes?



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