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Pilot transmitting while disconnected from VATSIM

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Last Tuesday I experienced some issues with the VATSIM servers and was kicked out several times, including many pilots.

After some 20 minutes I got a call from a pilot that, as I discovered later, was not anymore connected to the VATSIM servers and therefore not visible on the radar screen. Once I told him to check his VATSIM connection I was able to see him on my radar screen.


Is it normal that the voice connection is kept while the connection to VATSIM is lost?

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I had this also.


Swift, AFV.


Swift said I was disconnected, and I actually reconnected and disconnected to ensure. I also hit disconnect on AFV, yet I was still able to transmit and receive. The only way I could get it to break the connection was to reboot the pc.


Has occurred on two seperate occasions.


C1/O P3


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