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Can I fly on VATSIM if I have P1 rating?

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You do not need any ratings to fly on VATSIM. Before hopping on-line please read through the Code of Conduct in particular this section:


B8 - A pilot must comply with all agreed (read-back) air traffic control clearances and all issued instructions, or notify air traffic control without delay if unable to do so. Additionally, compliance with the following ATC instructions is mandatory, unless operational safety (e.g. TCAS conflict resolution) is compromised:


- Holding position when on the ground at an airport.

- Flying at a speed.

- Flying a heading.

- Flying at an altitude or flight level.


Enjoy the network!

Tomas Hansson

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Hi, my name is Kalman and just I want asking a little help. I started now the Vatsim couple of days ago, I did 3-4 flights with Vatsim. I use the xplane11 with xsquawkbox. Everything was maybe good:) no problems, I used the UNICOM in the uncontrolled sectors with text. But when I was in the controlled sector I couldn’t use the voice control, with enyone. everyone was just on text. it’s usual or not? I wanted use the voice control, with the ATC guys but unfortunately everybody was just on the text. maybe I have some problem with my radio, but I think if I can use the text, my airplane’s radio working good right? I use Tolis A319 and Zibo737 and same things. If I opened someone’s file on the vatsim map, I saw that things:” Voice server is not available” is that mean I can’t use the voice just text? sorry I’m a beginner and I think need lot of training with the clients setup.

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Kalman, since your question doesn't have anything to do with having or not having a P1 Pilot Rating it would probably have been better to start your own topic. Or still better, look through the forums for similar topics to yours which are already under discussion. You might find the answer you need is already out there.




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